We ,the undersigned, call upon all leaders, politicians and members of the media to help alleviate anxiety and tensions in the world by emphasising positive religious values and sentiments at every opportunity.

We are of many different religions. Some of our religions involve a belief in God, some do not. But what all of our religions share is the conviction that man or woman is more than flesh and bones. That the decent and moral impulses of humankind derive not from regarding him or her as another material object, in a material world, but from the consideration that humankind has a higher spiritual existence. That all religious practices raise spiritual awareness, and raise humankind's ability and willingness to treat others not as objects, but as fellow life forces, deserving of kindness and respect.

The misportrayal by some of religious values creates darkness and destroys hope.

It is with the religious vision that we create light and destroy despair.

Man with a religious vision is lifted above his or her day to day cares and travails to a higher plain, and an ultimate reality. On that higher plain he or she can have hope, can have life, can have love; and can dispel suffering.

We believe that those that have the privilege of speaking to, or for, large numbers of people, can best help those people by spreading the message of hope, life and love. Only those that do not care for people spread a message of no hope, death and hate.

Those that exercise the rights of free expression (or any human right) must do so with responsibility.

Encourage always understanding and tolerance; discourage always discrimination and selfishness.

Inform people, by all means, of the evils of the world - but do not forget also and always to foster and promote religious values shared by the majority.

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