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Clean up at Camden Lock

A recently formed community group called "Religions Working Together" was out in force on Sunday 20th June, tackling rubbish and graffiti at Camden Lock. 12 bags of rubbish were filled and several areas of unsightly graffiti were cleaned up or painted.

The group was formed to bring people of all faiths together to tackle common problems in society, with a first branch set up in London but with others planned throughout the country. The group already has members from many different religions and all faiths are welcomed to take part. Seven religions were represented at the clean-up on Sunday, including Christian (Mount Zion 7th Church of God), Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Scientology, Sikhism. The group also includes members of Buddhism, Church of England and Zoroastrianism - 10 denominations in total.

One of the purposes of the group is to demonstrate that, while religious conflict is what usually makes the news, there are millions of people around the world of different faiths who live and work in harmony.

Dauod Rosser-Owen, President of the Association for British Muslims, is one of the founding members and he said about the group, "In this time of social dislocation and little moral leadership, it is up to religious groups to show that people can work together. As an organisation, we've always felt uneasy about going to meetings where there is a lot of talking and no action. There is an old Ottoman saying, 'Less talk, more work.' Most religions share the same basic aims and the idea of religions working together is very good, as it turns this saying into a reality."


Professor Dr Natubhai Shah, Secretary General for the World Council of Jain Academies and a long-standing pioneer in the field of interfaith work emphasised the need for action based projects. "The Jains desire happiness for all and malice to none. Let us play our part and act to make the world more beautiful and its people happier in whatever extent and way we can."

Graeme Wilson of the Church of Scientology agreed with this, quoting the words of L. Ron Hubbard, "A being is only as valuable as he can serve others." He added, "We were really encouraged by the response of passers-by. Many were very appreciative of what we were doing and some would like to take part in future such clean-ups. It looks like this idea can grow and grow and it help to bring different communities together."


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