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Religious leaders from across the UK, along with members of Religions Working Together, greeted with anticipation and excitement the unveiling of "The Universal Peacemaker" painting by East Grinstead professional artist, Nicola Tupholme at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre, Leinster Gardens, London on Saturday 27th September. The purpose of the painting is to forward a message of peace, harmony and cooperation amongst religious communities around the world.


His Excellency Professor Ian Hall, Inaugural Ambassador of Non-Governmental Organsations (who also featured in the painting) said the artist's work was very inspiring.

Mike Ricketts, Chairman of the The Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance said, "The idea for this painting was created during an international interfaith conference entitled Religions Working Together, held at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex in May 2002. We are living in a troubled world where the rights of others have to be fought for and with initiatives like these, we are continuing to fight the battle for human rights against the dark evils of injustice and persecution for men and women alike.

Artist Nicola Tupholme explained that her painting was inspired firstly by "The Universal Soldier" - the Donovan satirical song about conflict and bloodshed in the name of religion - and secondly by witnessing at the interfaith conference at Saint Hill Manor (the headquarters of the Church of Scientology), that representatives of all the religions mentioned in the Donovan song were working together to improve society and to create peace and harmony. She decided to capturethis on canvass.


After the unveiling, Mike Ricketts presented to the attendees an educational booklet entitled A Guidebook to Peace Through Human Rights, which has been published as a public service by the Church of Scientology.

( A copy of the booklet A Guidebook to Peace Through Human Rights can be downloads by clicking here)


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